Putting the M back in Macchio

I just saw the greatest thing ever.  It was a short film calld The Office Party.  It starred Ralph Macchio (notice the correct spelling)...with a mullet.  I nearly pissed myself.  In fact, had I not been cranking it to Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation two channels up, I probably would have.  So I decided I had to make this post, because it has been too long since my last.

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Jay on Tuesday, August 10, 2004 at 11:37 AM

God dammit. Phil, can you erase one of my posts, please. I am retarded.

Bigworm on Tuesday, August 10, 2004 at 11:39 AM

Nothing like Xota making a comeback post, then having to retract one for being retarded. Anyone heading up to Ocharley's this evening?

Phil on Tuesday, August 10, 2004 at 11:48 AM

ok, it should be gone...

Marc on Tuesday, August 10, 2004 at 1:16 PM

i'll be at o'chucks wes.

Phil on Tuesday, August 10, 2004 at 2:16 PM

The Onion has some quality stuff this week, including this gem: http://www.theonion.com/news/index....ue=4032&n=1

Phil on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 4:48 AM

The Sports Guy raises an interesting point about the Olympics (http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page...ecowbell/040810):

"Did you see the odds for the USA Hoops team in Athens? 1-to-4???? In other words, you have to wager $400 on them just to win back $100. Incredible. Has anyone WATCHED this team? They don't have a single outside shooter in a tournament where you need to make 10-to-12 threes a game just to keep up. I'm telling you, they're going to get waxed. It's a formality. I'm leaning towards Argentina (6-to-1) or Lithuania (5-to-1) to take this thing, although I need to do a little more research.

Which raises the bigger question: Is it okay to bet against the United States?

Here's how I rationalize it: My ultimate goal is for the USA Committee to start picking true 12-man teams with shooters, rebounders, role players and energy guys, as I wrote last Wednesday. There's only one way this happens: We get embarrassed in Athens, followed by a week of columns and TV/radio shows around the country questioning this entire selection process. In the long run, it's better for us to get walloped over these next two weeks. It's for a greater good."

adrian on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 5:59 AM

We should have sent over the Detroit Pistons. At least we know they play team ball and have all of the Mechanics of a great team.

Green Baron on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 6:07 AM

No, we should've sent the Bearcats. That way, when they're losing, they can threaten the other teams' lives and tie them to chairs and torture them and stuff.
I say, send the thugs. Good players can always have bad days, but thugs will kill you if you beat them.

Phil on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 6:49 AM

Not only that, but if the terrorists come to athens, someone on the cincy team would just punch their horse in the mouth and then body slam their girlfriend for good measure..

Phil on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 7:00 AM

I just noticed that the terror alert picture changed. I'll be damned.

Brock on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 7:19 AM

First... Phil, let me point out a couple of flaws... one, Troy Smith (a UofL fatass center) bodyslammed his girlfriend, UC players don't do that, they have to many skank ho white chicks hangin' off them to be jealous. Second, the terror alert thing has been like that for almost a month now.

Saw Eric Hicks yesterday, and the sonofabitch is going to rip someone's arms off this year. I guess since Huggins wasn't around, they just have them lifting overtime.

Church on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 7:28 AM

Brock you saw Erick Hicks, was he picking up trash on the highway in one of those work release orange jumpsuits

Green Baron on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 7:33 AM

So I was watching some of the greatest episodes of Knight Rider last night. One involved Devon getting arrested by small town crooked cops, and then one of the best ever: KITT vs. KARR.
I never realized their were so many mistakes, though.
Like, when KITT and Michael are getting chased by a semi in the desert, the inside shots of KITT show trees and residential housing out the windows. And when Devon takes a jump in the truck he stole from prison and not only is the dude not Devon driving the truck, he's wearing a freakin' helmet!
And when KITT vs KARR, Michael is riding on top of KARR and then jumps to KITT, a few minutes later it shows an internal shot of KARR and Michael (stunt man) is still hanging off the window.
But have no fear, even with these awful mistakes, I never lost my woody for one of the greatest shows ever.
When are the "Airwolf" DVD's coming out? Anyone know if they're even making them? Now that was a show.

adrian on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 7:40 AM

Wait a minute...Yeah...I think Church just made a joke.

Green Baron on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 7:43 AM

OK, some of this stuff is funny. Not like George Carlin funny, more like Rita Rudner funny. But it was the first time Yahoo sports made me laugh.

Joanna on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 9:20 AM


Marc on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 9:31 AM

I already loved this ite for a while but the coverstory of the day made me laugh for multiple reasons.

Sweet Jesus, I hate Bill O'Reilly, Intl. - an organization of hope

adrian on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 9:32 AM

that is a big ass dude

Phil on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 9:33 AM

I like this line: "The League of Human Dignity helped arrange for Deuel to be driven to a local livestock scale."

Yes, that would help my Dignity. A group of strangers taking me to a freakin' livestock scale to weigh my fat ass.

Plow King on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 10:08 AM

Holy crap, leftist extremists devoting all of their time and energy to making fun of that which they dislike, instead of offering up an intelligent, productive, and viable alternative!!! I've never seen that before!

Wrecking Crew on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 10:25 AM

fat people fucking piss me off to no end. You'd think at some point you'd realize "hey I've gained someweight maybe I should do something" If not at like 300 lbs, you'd think atthe pointwhere your stomach got toobig and you couldn't reach around to grab your own goddamn dick you might think about loosing weight.


Brock on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 10:45 AM

Amen Burket! Could you please restate that again? This time include more vulgarity and insults!

Amen Plow King!

One other thing to note about that story... the guy wants to be able to take a walk with his wife..... what??!!! That gruesomely fat fuck has a wife?! That drive me insane! Ok, maybe she married him when he weighed 300 lbs, some girls like big guys... but why the fuck did you keep plugging a hose to his mouth and pumping Crisco into him? Or, maybe she married him after he weighed 1000 lbs... and unless she weighs 1000 lbs, what could she see in him? He has a good personality?! The sonofabitch can't even roll himself over! Can he even speak? Let alone have a personality.

Insensitive? No... I'm overweight, and I know it, so what am I doing about it? Not gaining more weight! For the love of God!

Phil on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 1:28 PM

The Sports Guy on Madden 2005: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page.../cowbell/040811

If you missed it two years ago, he had a write up about Madden 2003 that includes a ranking of the top video game athletes of all time (http://espn.go.com/page2/s/simmons/020814.html) including a brief bit on Video Bo Jackson: "Anyone who played video games in the late-'80s discusses Bo Jackson reverentially, in hushed tones ... you can't even understand unless you were there. If ESPN ever decided to run a 'SportsCentury and Beyond: Video Bo Jackson' episode, they could easily fill the hour just with people telling Tecmo Bowl stories about Bo. Nobody else was even close."

Bigworm on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 1:37 PM

Bo Jackson and Marcus Taylor were the great LT equalizers.

Phil on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 1:51 PM

Marcus Allen you mean? We made a rule that you couldn't be NY or LA in that game. It was just too unfair.

Bigworm on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 2:09 PM

Yeah Marcus Allen, don't know how I f'ed that one up.

We never initiated that rule where you couldn't be either team, if you chose them then your weaknesses were more than exploited. It didn't matter if you were the Giants because when you run with Marcus Allen he runs to the opposite side of LT which equates to a TD baby. If you continue to use Bo Jackson then after the handoff you just run to the opposite side of the field or the huge sweep play where your sweep turns into a 10 yard arc (hopefully causing the diving LT to miss) and everyone who ever played against the Raiders realizes that those are very possible plays.

The good thing about being the Giants is you fear no teams defense, especially the Raiders. Howie Long wasn't that good in the middle and he was the best on the Raiders defense if I remember correctly. Also, you should be able to block every single PAT utilizing LT's speed, thus only allowing the raiders to score 6 on every scoring drive instead of 7.

adrian on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 6:08 PM

I always took Da Bears! Rushed with 'Sweetness' all damn game

Bigworm on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 7:52 PM

Yeah you did you little bastard, and then you could use singletary on defense who was damn fast, though not as fast as LT.

KellyHarrison on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 8:12 PM


speaking of vulgarity,i think these pictures say more than words this once.

Phil on Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 6:00 AM

hey kellie, your link reminds me of Cliff Yablonski's website

A bit of a warning if you haven't been there, it will suck all your time for the rest of the week.

Phil on Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 6:13 AM

Someone on Totalfark was talking about how they got kicked out of Outback for some reason, and somebody recommended that when that happens to say "Well if it's going to be that kind of party, I'm going to stick my dick in the mashed potatoes."

Funniest thing I've read all week.

KellyHarrison on Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 9:30 AM

who ever the hell invented nyquil, i love that stuff! helped me sleep like a baby with this stupid cold i get in the middle of august!

Brock on Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 10:18 AM

Whoever invented Beer, I love that stuff! Helped me get through the day at work today with this stupid job in the midddle of August!!

Bigworm on Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 10:41 AM

Phil, funny you mention the phrase "stick my dick in the mashed potatoes", there is a story similar to that involving a guy I work with.

Marc on Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 11:14 AM

wes, is that suppose to intrigue our curiosity or just disturb us?

Church on Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 11:33 AM

Completely unrelated to the current strain of thought, it was just announced that U of L plays Iowa in their season opener again next year. Hopefully this year we will school that compilation of corn growing bastards. Who is heading up to O'Sheas tonight?

Phil on Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 11:38 AM

now, did the dude actually, uh, you know, go at the mashed potatoes (and was there any gravy)? or did he yell it out? the phrase itself is from I believe a beastie boys song, but I don't know even which album (license to ill maybe?)

mowgli on Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 12:29 PM

Hey fellas...been MIA for a while, I was out of town visiting family. Just wanted to let you know the west korean is back in the mother fuckin' hiz-ous.

Anyone going to trivia tonight at o'sheas?

Bigworm on Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 12:34 PM

This is the story as confirmed by several employees at work. This guy, who I will refer to as Joe Dirte', was having dinner with his wife. For some reason, this guy jumps up in he middle of dinner, whips it out and lays it in his wife's pile of mashed potatoes, and says "Baby suck my cock". Astonished his wife simply gets up and leaves the room. She asked him why he would do such a thing and his response was "I don't know, I saw you eating mashed potatoes and thought you might want to blow me".

Talking about classy.

Bigworm on Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 12:35 PM

Keep in mind, Joe Dirte has a lifelong ambition of directing midget porn, so it is well known that he isn't all there in the head.

Phil on Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 12:55 PM

that reminds me of a great pickup line i heard today: "if this ain't the biggest dick you've ever seen you don't gotta suck it biatch"

Green Baron on Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 1:22 PM


smooching?? Please, someone tell this kid he's not fucking 15 and to grow the fuck up. Marriage doesn't count you fucking moron.....you gots to get them testacles to drop!

Marc on Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 2:01 PM

Yes, I'm a hippie liberal douche, but you have to admit that GWB (George W. "Dubya" Bush) says some really stupid stuff...often. Here are some gems from the last week and a half alone.

GWB explain "sovereign entities" 08/09/04

"...if this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier... just so long as I was the dictator." 07/26/04

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful... and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people... and neither do we." 08/05/04

GWB says the "War on Terror" (WOT) was misnamed. "It aught to be the, the Struggle Against Ideological Extremists Who Do Not Believe In Free Societies, Who Happen To Use Terror As A Weapon To Try To Shake The Conscience Of The Free World" (SAIEWDNBIFSWHTUTAAWTTTSTCOTFW for short) 08/06/04
[Note: The laughter at the end of this is an actual reporter chuckling at what the President is saying. Wonder if he'll use this new "name" everytime from now on.]

I don't care who you are, these are funny right here.

Phil on Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 5:31 PM

Funny picture: http://www.lan-slam.com/misc/thetru...haboutwomen.jpg

Bigworm on Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 9:03 PM

Per our discussion earlier, XOTA was correct with Mandarin being the most widely spoken language. I have seen English and Spanish flip flop between 2-4 depending on the website, yet Mandarin is always 1st.

Phil on Friday, August 13, 2004 at 7:44 AM

oh that reminds me, the Orson Welles character was from the Critic, Brock. But the guy who did the voice also did the voice of "the brain" from Pinky and the Brain. He was also the voice of Kif from futurama.

Marc on Friday, August 13, 2004 at 9:48 AM

If you're bored at work or just looking for good future trivia team names check out the memorable quotes from The Family Guy.

Also, looks like The Family Guy: The Movie may be direct-to-video.

Phil on Friday, August 13, 2004 at 10:30 AM

Sports Guy reviews "Remember the Titans":
"And yes, any time you hear the words 'based on a true story,' that's usually a translation for 'We bought the rights to this story, took out the boring parts, then made up just about everything else.'"

Phil on Friday, August 13, 2004 at 10:31 AM

the link of course being: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page...memberthetitans

Wrecking Crew on Friday, August 13, 2004 at 11:04 AM

apparently, my girlfriend is leaving me now too. so what's anybody doing this weekend?

Wrecking Crew on Friday, August 13, 2004 at 11:05 AM

two of the greatest movies ever were on last night..The Karate Kid and Cool Runnings.

Phil on Friday, August 13, 2004 at 11:17 AM

all the cool kids' girlfriends are leaving. mindy leaves on tuesday for IU.

By the way, anyone that can help out on Monday loading up her truck would be appreciated. We really just need help with the heavy stuff, but if you are bored I'm sure she wouldn't mind help dragging boxes out to her truck.

And unlike myself, she actually has things in boxes. What novel idea!

Phil on Friday, August 13, 2004 at 11:19 AM

perhaps Marc's mom should have read this book to him when he was a kid: http://shop.wnd.com/store/item.asp?ITEM_ID=1617

Brock on Friday, August 13, 2004 at 12:47 PM

Screw you Phil, that link doesn't work. You got me all excited for nothin', nothin' I say!

I want that link fixed, and no sprinkles... for every sprinkle I find, I shall kill you!

Marc on Friday, August 13, 2004 at 12:54 PM

the link worked for me earlier. i saw it. but yes phil is a bitch and should fix the link or link to the same thing elsewhere.

KellyHarrison on Friday, August 13, 2004 at 4:58 PM

what time? i get off of work around seven or after from my second job, and then one from my first job. i will help out with the boxes.

Green Baron on Sunday, August 15, 2004 at 7:01 AM


I just have one question.....do you think they'll be able to fit 2 songs into their final concerts?
Well, I wish they had died in a fiery plane crash, but a farewell tour will work nicely too. At least I never had to hear them on the radio!

Green Baron on Sunday, August 15, 2004 at 3:09 PM

Well, in case you get all your news from Natty Sci
It's official...US loses to Puerto Rico in Basketball.
Said Larry Brown:
"Anybody watching that game who enjoys basketball should get a thrill out of it," Brown said. "From our perspective, all we can do is figure out what we're made of. I'm anxious to see if we'll be able to do that."

Now, I like Larry Brown, but COME ON! You'll be anxious to see....???? You're the freaking coach, jackass! You shouldn't be anxious to see shit, you should be crackin' skulls! For fuck's sake! You just got your ass kicked by a country that's not even a fucking country! Time to get your fucking team in gear and win something.
Now I've heard the talk on what this team needs and why we suck. Personally, I think it's a load of horseshit. Yah, we could field a better team; but there is NO FUCKING REASON that THIS team should lose. It could be better, but it still has more talent on that fucking team with only two players than the whole goddamn non-country of Puerto Rico! And the coach is anxious to see if they can play better! Bullshit, make them fucking play better. I bet you Bobby Knight could get those cocksuckers in gear.
Screw you Larry Brown. Ever since you left the Pacers you've turned into a royal pussy. Iverson butt-rams you and you got no balls anymore!
To hell with USA basketball
(I'm done ranting now)

KellyHarrison on Sunday, August 15, 2004 at 10:19 PM

last two nights in a row, i dreams that either spiders or ants took over people's bodies and then took over the world. if you tried to kill them, they ripped out of a persons body they were in and came after you. that's even more scary than the body snatchers. hate insects! yuck!

Phil on Monday, August 16, 2004 at 4:53 AM

hey, just a reminder that mindy is moving tonight. so anyone that can help give me a call, because her cell phone is out of commision right now.

and lynnie, I know you said you could help mindy grab the truck around 4:30, so I'll give you a call sometime around noon.

Phil on Monday, August 16, 2004 at 9:55 AM

Primetime might make a comeback with the Ravens: http://www.benmaller.com/archives/2...ith_ravens.html

One of the best moves I made with Madden was picking Deion Sander up on free agency to shore up the CB position with the Bills. The dude ended up with like 8 picks, even for a 36 year old man.

Phil on Monday, August 16, 2004 at 11:52 AM

well, fuck, I totally forgot to check if TMQ had come back last week. He, in fact, had returned on NFL.com: http://www.nfl.com/nflnetwork/story/7562631


Phil on Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at 8:50 AM

The sports guy has a good series going right now with Chuck Klosterman, all day long if you are looking to kill some time. Some good stuff about Alien v Predator in the first article too...

Phil on Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at 8:52 AM

here's a link, i'm retarded: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page...ff/040817/part1

Phil on Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at 11:13 AM

While I've taken over everything, I'd like to take this momment to help prove my case that the Lance Armstrong Magnet commercial is the best done commercial of all-time: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page...age=neel/040817

It's either this commercial or the old Move ads from two years ago.

Phil on Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at 11:48 AM

btw, if you are avoiding posting because you fear the it will indicate that you've visited the site, and therefor know that Mindy needs help moving, so you keep quite so you can pull the "oh, I hadn't been to the site" excuse, no need to worry. She's in Bloomington right now unpacking. Much love to Lynnie and stewie for helping with the big move, which wouldn't have been that bad if it weren't for the one-ton cowch and Mindy's ability to open not one, not two but three closets full of boxes. She's very sneaky. But she did treat us to BW3s.

Special consideration must go to Wes who just barely missed us. On the other hand, Marc, having already helped move the damn couch into the apartment, instead opted for Trivia. That lucky bastard.

jen on Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at 3:00 PM

I didnt help with the move, mostly because I'm in another state, but if I would have known that there was BW3s involved, I would have made the 4 and a half hour drive.... Anyhow, Mindy said you got the new job, Phil. Old news, I know, but congratulations. I got a job offer today, too. Its for a comedy booking agency in southern IL, but its travelling 5 days per week. The job is basically visiting the clubs that they book in IN and IL, making sure they're good venues and making sure the comics get paid. Good pay, under the table and in cash. Sounds slightly shady, but I already knew that the comedy business was. Not sure if I'll do it or not, but I'll be in Mindy's neighborhood quite a bit if I take it, so maybe she'll let me sleep in one of her bedrooms at her new house!

Yep, a pointless and uninteresting post, but possibly better than no one posting at all. Possibly.

Brock on Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at 7:40 PM

You ruined Phil's streak of posting!

jen on Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at 7:50 PM

I know! I'm so inconsiderate, I know. Maybe I should start my own...

jen on Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at 7:50 PM

maybe not

jen on Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at 7:52 PM

okay that's gonna stop right now. Especailly because it was a really badly failed attempt at me being funny, only to end up being annoying. I'm starting to see a trend..

KellyHarrison on Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at 9:13 PM


was just bored and found two definitions on a word you all use a lot

Phil on Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at 6:19 AM

TMQ's AFC Preview: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/7585972

Marc on Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at 7:06 AM

Good News: Family Guy returns in 2005
Bad News: I hear it's set for May 2005
(I was hoping like right after the ball dropped in Time Square we'd get our new Family Guy episodes.)

Here's and interview with Seth McFarlane the creator and main voice actor for the show.

Marc on Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at 8:17 AM


NOTE: If you want to share these videos with your close friends please feel free to do so. even download them to your computer if you wish. just please don't post to larger well-established sites that might cause too much traffic (ie: fark, ebaumsworld, milkandcookies) because I don't want to take the chance of anything bad happening. Also there can be possible copyright issues even though these are broadcasted free on the airwaves. thanks

(1) Your dog or cat have a negative ora? Are there spirits out of line? Then try Yoga for pets.

(2) Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes gets arrested. Now counting the minutes till his next ass-raping. (tick, tick, tick) (Don't worry he's out already.)

(3) Before you give someone a kiss think about what you might be risking for your health.

(4) Dog loose on bridge. Apparently the dog got on the Bridge in Philadelphia and gets off in New Jersey. Stupid Dog. Then again, maybe he wanted to see what life what like back in 1986.

(5) A late 1800's Victorian-style house is right where you want to put a new parking lot? What to do. I know. Pick up the somamabitch and move it by truck.

(6) Hot girl fiddle band. I'm going to say it again because it bears repeating...Hot girl fiddle band. That's a phrase I never thought I'd ever put together in my life. If it really catches on then maybe I can bring back my "air-fiddle" instead of just using it for a Dave Matthews song and "Devil went Down to Georgia". Air-guitar and air-drums often overplayed. Air-harmonica is fun but rare. Air-cowbell is spectacular.


Jay on Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at 8:35 AM

You do realize "Devil went down to Georgia" was done by Charlie Daniels.

Marc on Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at 8:40 AM

yes, i realize that. I originally wrote it a "a song from the Charlie Daniels Band" but change it because that's the only sond I was talking about so why not say the specific title. I was not saying it was a Dave Matthews Band song.

adrian on Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at 9:46 AM


KellyHarrison on Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at 11:07 AM


Phil on Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at 12:14 PM

nice little summary of GTA3:SA at Eurogamer: http://www.eurogamer.net/article.ph...rticle_id=56330

mowgli on Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at 12:27 PM

anyone going to Hooters later?

Phil on Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at 6:44 PM

some funny stuff right here: http://host1.cj-8.com/

jen on Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at 7:34 PM

ha, thats classic. Dont people know not to take those things off-road? I mean, they're only for highways, thats why they get like 2 mpg...

Phil on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 6:25 AM


Bigworm on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 6:53 AM

Looks as if the crazed buffalo has some competition with the beer chugging bear. I think we should make the beer chugging blackbear an honory sci member. Shit, if he drinks like that we should make him a full membership.

Marc on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 7:11 AM

philco, your sister's site is messed up. you can't view the images in her portfolio anymore. you should tell her. she's making the Scott family's computer skills looks bad. What's next java-script and AOL browser malfunctions? (GESTURE: finger pushing glasses back on nose)

Phil on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 7:21 AM

actually, I believe it is a javascript malfunction.

Bigworm on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 7:50 AM


Way to go UCONN.

Joanna on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 8:57 AM


read this just for the gang names. "Wee wee"?

Phil's Sister on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 9:47 AM

You cang hang out with this bear at Wick's


Phil's Sister on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 9:48 AM

damn it someone already posted that one. I thoguht I was going to be cool.

adrian on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 10:27 AM


Here are some chicks of the Olympics posing in FHM. Logan Tom is so fucking HOT!!!!!!

Green Baron on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 10:31 AM

Back to the Jeep yanking off the hummer guy....
I read his little blurb, and he said that:
"I was in the tent looking around when out of the corner of my eye I saw a Hummer H2 pull up into the parking lot. Mind you, there were probably 20 jeeps of various types in the parking lot and a Hummer pulling into the parking lot is probably not the most welcome there. It would be like going to a Harley Davidson rally and stopping at a bar full of Harley owners on a Yamaha rice rocket."

Yah, that's funny, except for the fact that you took pictures.....aside from the Liberty and yourself, you were the only 2 jeeps in the parking lot! I see a Chevy Blazer, a Chevy Dualy (sp?), another Chevy Pickup truck, a car of some sort which is definitely not a Jeep, and an old-time Jeep from like the 50's which isn't counted as a Jeep because it's the original and not the Chrysler-owned pieces of shit today.
In other words: You're an ass-clown!
Yah, tugging a 50,000 piece of shit off a stump is pretty funny, but the H2 was never really meant for off-road. It was meant for driving through buildings to rescue burning babies and stuff. The original Hummer would have turned your Jeep into Swiss cheese.
Not that I like Hummer, but I fucking hate Chrysler.....I own a Dodge Dakota whose transmission went out at 40,000 miles; and a multitude of other disfunctional abnormalities. Chrysler sucks Lee Iacoca's cock.

Marc on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 10:37 AM

aah, its been years since i've heard a good "sucks Lee Iacoca's cock" reference.

Brock on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 10:56 AM

What are you talking about, Marc? Just a couple of weeks ago, I heard you say "I love to sucks Lee Iacoca's cock, it's yummy!"

By the way... if the bear is giving Jay a run for his money in the beer-drinking, does that mean Jay is drinking again, or does it just mean he likes to "suck Lee Iacoca's cock."

Phil on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 11:09 AM

hey cath, what's your e-mail address? e-mail me at pscott (at) newhorizonslouisville.com so I've got whatever you are using these days.

more fun reading for the day, making fun of the olympic outfits: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page...ge=lukas/040819

Green Baron on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 11:11 AM

If you're looking for a good laugh,
Check out the urban dictionary's definitions of George Bush and John Kerry (depending on your subordinat......woops, I mean political stance)
Some of them are freakin' hilarious, even if you are going to vote for them.
I haven't found a "good" definition for either one, which makes it even funnier.

Jay on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 3:52 PM

Okay, all of you who have asked me to teach you to play
guitar (that's at least ten of you), I have been hired on at Bader Music (next to the Kroger on Breckenridge lane). So if you still want to learn, you can find me out there.

Bigworm on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 4:44 PM

What will you be doing at Bader Music? Are you still going to work at Meijers?

jen on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 4:52 PM

no, jay, we wanted you to teach us for FREE. Well, at least thats what I meant, anyway...

Phil on Friday, August 20, 2004 at 6:18 AM

GTA:SA's trailer: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/14....19/story.jhtml

I can barely contain my excitement. We got Fable next month, followed up by GTA:SA, followed up by Halo2 and Half-Life 2.

KellyHarrison on Friday, August 20, 2004 at 12:13 PM

how much are lessons there?

mowgli on Saturday, August 21, 2004 at 12:30 PM

anyone up for some basketball?

mowgli on Saturday, August 21, 2004 at 5:48 PM


KellyHarrison on Monday, August 23, 2004 at 12:10 AM


Jay on Monday, August 23, 2004 at 6:18 AM

I'm going to be teaching guitar, wes. Kellie- I don't know. They pay me $14 an hour, so at least twenty, I'd say. Joe, you have a job now, f***er! Lynnie, I'm on campus today, and since I suck regardless, I can play basketball in a shirt and tie. I doubt it will affect my game, much.

Brock on Monday, August 23, 2004 at 10:59 AM

Xota, you sonofabitch, thanks for whoring me out this weekend!

Bigworm on Monday, August 23, 2004 at 12:40 PM

Joe - are you alive and feeling okay today buddy?

Brock on Monday, August 23, 2004 at 12:57 PM

Joe Burket - the posterchild for Natty Sci drinking.

Phil on Monday, August 23, 2004 at 2:08 PM

on slashdot, they were talking about a new internet worm that allows hackers to view people's webcams. Pretty stupid, because 99.99% of the time a webcam is pointed at nothing, and even if it there is something to see, your average webcam owner isn't that interesting to begin with.

But anyways, this just have me an excuse to post this picture, which is of a guy who's computer got 0wn3d: http://douglas.min.net/~drw/mirrors...2kfun/best.html

Jay on Monday, August 23, 2004 at 2:25 PM

Brock, you ass, I had to be at work at 5 a.m. every f***ing day. Except Sunday. Sunday I had to be there at 6 a.m. Joe, I'm retarted and can't spell. Apparently jen is the freeloader wanting my...talents... My bad, buddy.

jen on Monday, August 23, 2004 at 7:04 PM

haha, I'll admit to being a freeloader, but you must be specific about which "talents" you're talking about...

so THIS is how rumors get started...

joe on Monday, August 23, 2004 at 8:13 PM

alive and well....a little bloody and cut up...head still hurts from whatever it was that i hit or hit me...for all i know i was hit by a car or maybe i hit a parked car i dotn know...maybe it was the sidewalk...dont mix asshole beam tequila jager and other assortments of alcohol

joe on Monday, August 23, 2004 at 8:21 PM

if anybody can fill me in from right before i left wicks till 8:30 in the morning please do

Green Baron on Tuesday, August 24, 2004 at 7:59 AM



Plow King on Tuesday, August 24, 2004 at 9:56 AM


joe on Tuesday, August 24, 2004 at 2:38 PM

is it just me or is it an awkward coincidence i was asked if i knew where university hospital was to make a catering delivery at work today?

Brock on Tuesday, August 24, 2004 at 2:39 PM

I just wish I was there to yell "BURN!"

Bigworm on Tuesday, August 24, 2004 at 2:45 PM

"Wicked Burn" would have been better Schweitzer.

If there is one thing I cannot stand in this world it is cruelty to animals. After I get my nightvision goggles and my glowstick (that's right Demolition Man style) I may just hunt that ass down.

Brock on Tuesday, August 24, 2004 at 2:48 PM

By the way, I have a Gmail invite available if anyone is interested.

joe on Tuesday, August 24, 2004 at 2:48 PM

jay if you are still looking for a job

------------------------------------------------------------Position Title: Fire Hazardous Materials Specialist

Filing Deadline: 8/31/2004 4:30:00 PM
Minimum Salary: $49,358.40 Annually

Department: Louisville Fire & Rescue

Examples of Work: Reviews plans for proposed facilities and alterations of existing facilities that utilize hazardous materials. Inspects existing hazardous material operations to see that applicable standards relating to fire prevention and control are maintained. Prepares reports on local industrial and commercial businesses not conforming to national standards. Counsels Plant Engineers, Managers and others on the methodology of correcting non-standard conditions in hazardous material operations. Prepares and promulgates educational and informational programs on hazardous materials operations for industrial and commercial businesses. Receives, reviews and evaluates new information on hazardous materials, equipment and systems. Assists in the maintenance of a technical library containing information on codes, regulations, standards, materials, equipment and systems pertaining to hazardous material operations. Responds to incidents as directed.
Working Conditions: Lifts, moves and/or carries supplies and equipment weighing up to 50 pounds. Spends prolonged periods of time sitting, standing, walking, climbing, carrying and stooping. Maneuvers and works in confined spaces.
Position Requirements: Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry or Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical or Industrial Engineering. Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license. Verification of education and valid driver's license must be provided within 3 days from time of application. All requirements must be met by the date the eligibility list is established - June 18, 2004.

Phil on Tuesday, August 24, 2004 at 4:43 PM

Tuesday Morning Quarterback's NFC and AFC previews:

TMQ and Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback are easily the two best reads on the NFL out there.

KellyHarrison on Tuesday, August 24, 2004 at 9:09 PM


Plow King on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 at 9:59 AM


jen on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 at 10:15 AM

kellie, I think that email you sent me from that joke website yesterday has taken the liberty of signing me up for some spam from other joke websites. I've gotten more emails from other joke sites, and I never visit those things ... how do I MAKE IT STOP? Unsubscribe doesn't seem to help

Joanna on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 at 10:38 AM

me too. I'm getting a lot of spam.

Brock on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 at 11:07 AM

For future reference, do not click on links or open emails that Kelly posts. Keep the health of your computer in mind.

Green Baron on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 at 11:22 AM

Kelly.....as long as you keep posting anti-Bush stuff, I say keep up the good work!

This whole Swift Boats Veterans for Truth thing is pissing me off. Lots of dem's are saying that the press is stearing away from the issues and this is a good diversion plan. However, I say at least John Kerry fucking went to Vietnam. Everybody knows signing up for the National Guard was demonstrating your pussy nature of getting out of Vietnam, which is what Bush did. And for those who bark back about me calling the guard pussies, my dad joined the guard to avoid 'Nam, and he was a pussy. I'm a pussy too, yet I haven't joined the Guard; but I'm definitely not going to Vietnam, not now, not after what happened last time I was there.

On another note....so I have this rash....in my....well....you know. Anybody know what it is and how some Ho Chi Minh Honey was goin' about her business without the same thing?

I don't care if this is returning discussion back to politics....it's close to decision day and we need to represent.

Jay on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 at 12:03 PM

Judging by this girls quote (in the second paragraph) she needs all the schoolin' she can get.


Joanna on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 at 12:06 PM

Dude! I didn't open the e-mail b/c it was a busy morning, but I still got a ton of shit.

jen on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 at 1:22 PM

I think its cause in order to get the joke sent, you actually put someone elses email on their site and it just ads your friend's email to its spam list. So, joanna I dont think it matters whether or not we open them, we're screwed no matter what. And because our email was voluntarily given to the website, it doesnt go to the bulk mail folder.

Phil on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 at 1:39 PM

Is it like v1agra spam or just joke of the day crap? If it's joke of the day crap, you can usually set up a rule or something to block the e-mail from that sender.

But other wise, welcome to my hell. Amber Burgin sent me a greeting card three years ago to my work e-mail and I still get spam from those fuckers.

Brock on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 at 1:40 PM

Good work Baron, keep the worthless Vietnam story going. I don't care who was in Vietnam, if they served in the military, or what other crap they did in the ancient past. Just tell me what you are going to do now. Kerry is spending far too much time trying to build some kind of reputation and isn't giving me any unique political stances. I see lots of spending, and rolling back the tax cuts ain't gonna help my pocket. I'll wait for the usual rebuttal...

jen on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 at 9:21 PM

Phil its joke of the day stuff, but from different sites than the one that originally sent it... I feel like I just keep getting more and more crap over time and its just time for a new email account.... I used to use that one just for correspondence. I had a hotmail account I'd use if I had to sign up for anything or give my email, and that kept the spam away for a few years. But lately more and more, I get random stuff... a lot of it is people telling me that they have a couple million dollars from another country that they need to get into the US, which is part of some dude's estate and they only need my bank account info to give me 30% of it, cause my last name is Moore. Odd stuff. That usually goes to my bulk mail, but these jokes are in my regular inbox now.

Phil on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 at 9:41 PM

well, if anyone wants a gmail account to replace their newly possessed e-mail accounts, I have one invite. I believe brock has one too.

Joanna on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 5:33 AM

i wish it was my correspondence account, I'm getting spam to my work account, which already has enough stuff coming in.

Green Baron on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 6:22 AM

Well it's about time that I actually get a few invites to make up for the ones Brock's been getting when I signed up before him!
I got five of them.....
And I'll kindly dish them out for naked pictures, boy or girl..doesn't matter, just has to be a member of Natty Sci so I can show everyone else for money. (I figure people will pay more for naked pictures than g-mail accounts.)
houstoib at gmail

Bigworm on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 6:27 AM

Ex-cards making us proud.


Green Baron on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 6:35 AM

Here's what I'm going to do now:
I'm not going to vote to re-elect the idiot son of a previous president who has failed in every single aspect of the presidency.
Can anyone really name 1 good thing this president has done? Just one? Because the economy, jobs, war, foreign relations, war on terrorism, medicare, environment, deficit, education is all worse off than it was 4 years ago. It's even worse off than 2 months after Sept. 11.
Bush is a puppet. A piece of shit who knows nothing and does nothing.
I don't like to endorse Kerry because, frankly, he's not my candidate of choice. But for God's sake...anything, ANYTHING is better than a Bush. And for anyone to speak out against Kerry's war record means they haven't compared them to Bush's. Bush is as much of a failure as president as he was in life. He's a piece of shit, cocksmoking, moron that needs to be impeached.
And here's what I'm gonna do.....not vote for him. Whether you vote for Kerry, Nader, or not at all, don't vote for him.
And I'd tell you what I'd do about this war.....immediate pull-out.
Bush's #2 reason (at the beginning of the war but has switched to #1) for this war was democracy. Then I say, put it to a vote! Listen to the masses. Iraqis don't want us there. Look at the fucking Olympians! They all agree....get the fuck out. These are well-respected individuals who do not fear their country and have publicly said if they weren't in Athens they would be with the resistance!
You want Democracy Bush? Put it to a fucking vote. The Iraqi's want us out...give them what they want. You haven't allowed them to elect their representatives yet....so where's the democracy? Where's the freedom?

Green Baron on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 6:43 AM

Rolling back the tax-cuts will help your pocket, because he's rolling them back for the wealthiest.....which isn't you. He's also rolling back tax breaks for companies who outsource, which will bring employment back to the states, which will provide jobs, which will give more money to the customers of your business, which will mean more revenues and more money for your pocket.
In addition, he's looking for internation relief effort in Iraq, which will drop the cost of the Iraqi war which currently stands at 134 billion dollars, which will put more money into the governments hands, allowing them to cut taxes more, putting more money in your pocket.
I'd rather take 10 % off my taxes in five years than a $300 check now.
It seems to me if monetary concerns are leaning you towards Bush, that the wise choice would be Kerry. After all, Bush destroyed the economy, which creates the money and puts value to the dollar.

Green Baron on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 7:49 AM

Here's a little blurb I typed up about Iraq. Yah, this stuff is old, but we're evaluating a president here and what he's done. Therefore, you examine the past.
A lot of this is also repitition from what was said before, but just because it isn't new, doesn't mean it isn't true.

Here’s the skinny on Iraq, and why this war is a LIE.

There were 3 principle reasons given prior to this war for reasons of invasion. I’ll list them in their order as the government indirectly labeled their priority according to how much they were discussed and referenced; and then I shall go through each and every one of them directly and indicate how they were either false, or definitely not a focus of the war.

#1 – Iraq is a threat (imminent or not, doesn’t matter) to the United States (the whole WMD/terrorism thing)
#2 – Saddam is an evil dictator
#3 – Freedom for the people/democracy

Obviously, the government has now switched gears and democracy for the people seems to prevail now; as Saddam is an afterthought and the government was plain wrong about the WMD.

So, here it goes….
#1 – Iraq is a threat to the United States
Iraq was contained by UN forces prior to the invasion; their air-force non-existent, their army heavily demoralized and denumerated from the embarrassment of the first Gulf war; and was complying with every UN sanction in its entirety. Iraq never had any proven connection with Al Queda, no terrorist involved in 9/11 came from Iraq, and Iraq had never….hold on, let me stress this, NEVER attacked the United States nor had any immediate plans to. And, the obvious, not possessing any Weapons of Mass Destruction thingy.
Information has since emerged that the evidence Bush was relying upon was from a very poor source (the Chalabi fella’s defectors), and Bush WAS EVEN TOLD this prior to his speeches for invasion. However, it failed to stop this administration from hyping the hell out of it in order to get their point across. The fact remains: Iraq surrounded, UN inspectors were in the country looking for potential threats; the nation of Iraq incapable of inflicting harm. This all; of course, is after the fact that there are countries that (especially at the time) posed more of a threat to the safety of American than Iraq.

#2 – Saddam is an evil dictator
This one is a tough one, as the clear answer is yes, he was. But was he as bad as the US made him out to be? The answer there would be an astounding no.
First off, the atrocities of Saddam.
Gassed his own people – Not entirely….he gassed Kurds. Kurds are nomadic populations who do not claim to be part of any of the Middle East Countries; instead, they wish to create their own country. In addition, the US was backing the Kurds financially and militarily following the first gulf war in an attempt to overthrow Saddam from within. Saddam warned the Kurds that he was going to attack them, yet US CIA operatives informed the Kurds the US would protect them, so they refused to leave the city they had captured. Saddam sent his missiles and the Kurds were killed. Where was the US protection? It seems as though the US withdrew from the agreement prior to the attack. This was because the US realized a Kurdish-ruled Iraq was an impossibility, a smart realization. However, it might have been nice to inform the Kurds of their spontaneous enlightenment. In addition, Saddam WARNED them, does a psychotic dictator warn the individuals he persecutes? Did Hitler? Of course, the answer is no. The US on the other hand….well; it failed to inform the Kurds of their decision to not protect them.
In addition, Kurds have been constantly killed, and gassed, by all nations they inhabit, including Syria, Iran, and Turkey! Why do we support Turkey when we call Saddam evil for gassing the Kurds? They did it too!
Saddam tortures – The United States has been allied with Saudi Arabia, a nation which Amnesty International rates as one of the worst for offenses against i

Green Baron on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 7:51 AM

its people. Nearly all the money in Saudi Arabia is shared between a handful of families. Saudi Arabia is one of the most tortuous, evil regimes that exists. Their offenses are far worse than Saddam ever was. In fact, Iraq wouldn’t even top most top-5 lists for brutal regimes. Saddam tortures? Yes. Worse than anyone? Hardly. The US was found to recently torture Iraqi and Afghanistan captives; just in case you’ve been locked in a closet for the last 6 months.
Saddam invaded Kuwait – do a quick study on Iraq’s reasons for invasion of Kuwait. You’ll see that their reasons are vastly superior than our own reasons to invade Iraq now. In addition, if Canada had committed the same acts against us, we would invade them.
Is Iraq better off without Saddam? The answer is NO. ABCnews and Time polled Iraqis on eight criteria. Only 1, education, was declared as better. 5 were worse: availability of goods, security, health care, Jobs, and electricity. 2 were unchanged: water quality and political situation.
Was Saddam bad? Yah. Was he THAT bad? No. Are Iraqis better off without him? No.

#3 – Freedom for Iraqi’s/democracy
Immediately following the war, the Iraqi council was appointed to govern Iraq. Every person on that council was appointed by the United States. Now, after “sovereignty,” the leader of Iraq was appointed by such council. Not a single election has been held, nor have true “Iraqis” had a voice in who governs them. The US military has free reign, can enter their homes, can question anybody or detain them, and can use deadly force when desired. Iraqis clearly want an end to occupation, but is the US government willing to put it to a vote? No. The only published paper that spoke out against the US government’s occupation of Iraq was shut down, an example of the US blocking both freedom of the press and freedom of speech in one punch. Is there any freedom in Iraq? No. Is there a democracy? No.

This administration has lied to you. It has failed you. It has failed to justify its reasons, aside from monetary, that led it to invade a country that posed no threat, was far better off prior to its invasion, and had more civil rights than nearly all its neighbors. The Iraqi people want an end to occupation, to the violence, to the terror that the US has brought to it. Please. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, as long as it isn’t the administration that has turned to world against us for a monetary cause. DON’T VOTE BUSH!

Marc on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 7:56 AM

I try to say away form politics on the website since I know I'll get a backlash by others but the Baron will definitely get a response from his posts anyway, so what the fuck.

Anyone who thinks "trickle-down economics" is a good plan is an idiot. First off, it sounds like you're getting peed on, because you are. Why do we give most the tax money back to the wealthiest who sometimes invest it sometimes don't It doesn't always get put back into the economy. And don't just fool yourself that since they make more their getting the same percentage back. Tehy're getting more. In the last tax cut (where we barrowed money from China to pay out) the wealthiest got 12% to the average 10% (that's a $1,000 to a $50,000 household... if you qualified). The people living paycheck to paycheck obviously need the money more for necessary items. In past preseidencies you can see the correlation of when the average does better, the wealth do their best. We're all interconnected.

I was originally just Anti-Bush, know I actually am pro-Kerry becuase I've seeked him out. For the Vietnam War debate (because Bush can't survive that) seek out his stances on YOUR issues.) Hey, maybe Bush is the best person for you, but until you know both sides stance on YOUR issues then you're dumb to vote, and especially to attack the other side.

You know that $87 Billion "flip-flop" thing Bush and all the Republicans tell you out? Waht they didn't tell you is that wehn Kerry originally voted for it, all the Republican (100 percent) voted against it. They later voted for it, and Kerry against it, when they added a bunch of "pork" (unnecessary expenses and items) to the bill. And most recently Bush has said he will veto this bill if the Democrats add the item of $1.7 billion for veterans healthcare. This whole billion vetoed for taking care of vets? Meanwhile Bush has cutback on veteran's healthcare while raising their prescription drug costs.

Did you see Halliburton hired a independent company to investigate their unsubstanciated financial claims? They have already found out 42% of the money has no claim or record. That over 4 Billion dollars. (That's Billion with a B) They go the no-bid contract. And the Army doesn't want to pay them because of this fiasco. But Halliburton has told the Army if they don't pay, they they stop paying their sub-contracters and the troops won't get food and other supplies. In a time of war these bastards are profiteering and using the welfare of our troops to do so.

Okay, bring on the onslaught of Kerry-hate on me. I might be a hippie-liberal douche but it's better than being an (un)passionate conservative. I mean a hippie might smoke weed and then grow up. But a coke-head and alcoholic will sell America piece by piece for another hit.

Green Baron on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 8:17 AM

I love you Marc

and I hear you love the cock, so let me just say, I'm married, and not into dudes

Marc on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 8:24 AM

goog to know. although i realize all my typos now that i had time to read my post which I'll get killed for. That's what happened when you have 3 minutes to write that and then must go do work without spellchecking.

There's a nickels-worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats. Democrats will steal the nickel from you. Republicans will kill you for it.

Jay on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 8:35 AM

Marc and Issac- Okay, I'm getting in on this. I agree with you...partially. For one thing, learn how to type Marc. You might not think it matters, but a literate person is much more persuasive in arguments than an illiterate one. Issac- passion is good, but it needs to tempered by reason. Saying the Iraqi people are better off without Saddam because they say so, is like saying a married man is happier because he says so. People don't always think straight, especially after coming out of abusive and overbearing relationships (whether or not it's with a lady or a dictator). You guys make some good points, but it seems more like knee-jerk reactions than well thought out arguments. Just like the rebuttles we are about to hear.

Bigworm on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 8:44 AM

I am boycotting all of Marc's rants, yes rants that is what they are, until you are coherent with your posts. This includes being able to spell. I don't care if you can type or not (typing is not spelling jay), but how in the fuck did you graduate freaking elementary school by not being able to spell. I can understand the occasional error here and there, to err is human. However, when I read your posts and question if a 2nd grader wrote this crap, makes it quite pathetic.

I am starting to question now if elliekay used such horrible grammar/spelling in order to make you feel better.

I'm outtie fags.

Green Baron on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 8:58 AM

I wasn't going to respond back...but I will anyway.
It doesn't matter if they really ARE better off or not, what matters is that's what they THINK they are. And if Bush is truly wanting a democracy, and the majority of the Iraqis want the US gone and that they are worse off with them there, then abide by the majoral vote and get out of dodge.

Green Baron on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 9:05 AM

I just thought of a great example for my last post that I just couldn't hold back:

Like for instance, if Bush wins the election, it doesn't matter if we'd be beter off with Kerry, we THOUGHT that we would be better off with Bush. Therefore, this is a so-called "democracy", and we must abide by the people's wishes.

Green Baron on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 9:49 AM

everyone knows I was joking about the naked pictures for a gmail account right? Because Ebay has about a million of them up for grabs without a single bid on most of them. They're free, just ask.

jen on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 9:54 AM

not to ruin the moment by posting without any politics... but how do I get one of those invites, for Gmail?

Phil on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 10:03 AM

send an e-mail to me

replacing (at) with @ of course.

adrian on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 1:12 PM

I wished Larry Brown would have punched that Fag head coach from spain.

Brock on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 1:30 PM

Man, while I'm doing work in the morning, the Baron and Marcus are circle-jerkin' it on Kerry's face. For the love of god! Please make your posts more succinct!

Succinct: marked by compact precise expression without wasted words

With that in mind, I'll rebuttal the "trickle-down" complaint. I am a small business owner, yup.. I cut grass, or at least my brothers do, and I make money. Thanks to G.W.'s "only-for-rich" tax-cut, I saved nearly $300 on last years taxes, and expect to save more thisyear when the company buys new equipment. Last I looked, I wasn't a millionare, but the money I am saving is going back into my business, patroning bars, and to my brothers (TRICKLE-DOWN). I don't want to void my complaint before, so I'll leave it at that.

Green Baron on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 1:56 PM

Oh, and I put my wrong address for e-mail above,
If you want one of those fantastic invites, just let me know. They make great stocking stuffers!

And Brock, Kerry doesn't want to roll back your tax cut like I said before. He wants to roll back the tax cuts for those making more than 100,000 dollars a year. I saved money on my taxes too, but my 300 dollars wasn't nearly as helpful to me as Bill Gates, Ross Perot, and good ol' GW.'s savings in the thousands (and perhaps millions). Especially when I consider the fact that these tax cuts for the wealthiest mean my $300 will just be going back to the government in 5 years time 10-fold.
I really don't agree with the trickle-down horseshit, I agree with Marc, but honestly, finding proof for that would be difficult. It's pretty well hidden behind a lagging or booming economy.

Jay on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 2:10 PM

Yes Wes. I mispoke when I said "typing."

Brock on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 2:14 PM

Yup Bill Gates, Ross Perot, and John Kerry got bigger tax cuts because they PAY MORE TAXES! Rolling back tax cuts for only the wealthy is horse-shit, because the small business tax cuts are going to be hacked in Kerry's communist, give-money to bums economic policy.

Speaking of the economy... where is this depression Democrats speak of? I see development all over the place, poor neighboorhoods being cleaned up, businesses starting... throw numbers out all you want, both sides like to, but when I walk around and see... I see growth. Look at Louisville! Burgeoning bar scenes, new home development. If the economy is in such dire straights, then why is this happening. Fuck the economy! Its just a word, go out and spend your money, earn some money, buy a house, live the American F-in' dream with a little dog in your lap!

Green Baron on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 2:39 PM

I don't know what you pay in taxes, but BEFORE the tax cut, Ross Perot revealed he paid 8% of taxes. After the tax cut.....well, you see where I'm goin'. I'm sure you paid more than that.

If he's payin' 8% of his income and I'm paying 25% of mine, I think I am paying more. Not amount wise, but out of my ass wise.

In addition, Kerry is hardly going after small business.
Here, from his own web site
"Cut Middle-Class Taxes To Raise Middle-Class Incomes
When John Kerry is president, middle-class taxes will go down. Ninety-eight percent of all Americans and 99 percent of American businesses will get a tax cut under the Kerry-Edwards plan."

That's his plan. You're middle class, your taxes will go down. In addition, your business might even get a bigger tax cut. He's going after the super-rich. The Ross Perot's who are making half a billion a year and paying 8% taxes. I'm making 25,000, and 23% goes to taxes. Fuck that. Fuck Bush. Fuck him in his aching ass.

I don't want to sound like a Kerry supporter, the only reason I'm voting for him is to give aid to the removal of our current president. Who knows if what he promises will really come true for you. What I am saying is Bush is a fucking war-mongering fuck who cares nothing of the little-man and the american dream. He's done nothing, absolutely nothing, to improve america. There might be improvements, but there were improvements in FDR's time as well, with millions unemployed. There are more people who need a job. The world fucking hates us. And Bush sold us and the Iraqis out to corporate fucks. 2 US soldiers die everyday in a country that doesn't want us there. I don't care who you vote for, but a vote for Bush means you support this!

mowgli on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 2:41 PM

any of you fuckers going to trivia tonight at o'sheas?

Brock on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 2:51 PM

Its almost getting to the point where I want to vote for Bush just to spite the haters. I've never seen people get so mind-boggling red over things they are not even a part of... wait... maybe UofL and UK fans, but thats a game. All this whining is coming from spoiled rich kids who have nothing better to do than bitch. Keep it up, it just makes me that much more certain I don't want a man driven into office on the backs of screaming babies.

Marc on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 3:35 PM

Firstly, sorry for this long-ass post.

Brock your last statement can be applied to both sides of the table. None of us are personally living in squalor. Bush supporters do just as much bitching, if not more. How come Bush/Chenney make the public that come to their speeches sign a loyalty agreement to vote for them. Whereas Kerry, Edwards, Teresa Heinz-Kerry, and even Nader will take on hecklers.

I don't agree with the other side on a lot of issues, but I let them talk to hear what they're gonna say and not talk over them and take some mundane detail to manipulate or exploit. Booing over someone to not let others hear them in just as bad.

I know you disagree with everything I say, and I'm not trying to change your mind because you think you're right...and so do I. Talking about the actual issues can change minds or expand ideas and thoughts to make both sides more centrist. I didn't like this President and was scared when he came into office, but I did give him the benefit of the doubt and then he loss that in my mind. All I ask is if, I said "if" Kerry is elected you might want to let him show you what he can do before you jump all over him... that'll be Ann Coulter's job again. It is easier to judge things in the past than in the future. I mean remember a lot of people said Clinton's economic package would cause a recession in 1993, it didn't. I'd like to state something positive for the other side that was first objected to, but admittedly couldn't think of a great example but that is my fault, and not an attack on the other side.

So one cannot project Kerry will bring economic doomsday just like not all the burden can be places on the Bush administration (even though I do personally believe that a lot of blame can be put on them.) If we're going to continue to talk politics unless Philco kills our access, one succession would be to be topic-based not candidate-based or attacks. Discussion on candidates ideas on these issued could be discussed but YOUR ideas should be the focus. Kerry doesn't represent everybody on one side and Bush doesn't support everyone on the other. I mean even people who say out of the political arena have their own ideas on: health care, gay marriage, religion, war, taxes, welfare, prescription drugs, small business, etc. You can refence others but if you simple bounce their ideas as your own then you lose your own voice. Those are my thoughts, What are yours?

adrian on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 7:06 PM

Would someone please start a new post (Phil or Jay)

Brock on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 8:26 PM

I have a question for Adrian: Do you have anything useful to say? I know you have a brain man! It doesn't even have anything to do with politics... sports, humor, movies, bitches... come up with something creative!

Why are you tugging on Phil's and Jay's nuts to come up with something? Man up and use that noggin you fill with beer!

Brock on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 8:39 PM

With that said...

Marc, thank you for the voice of reason (who thought I'd be saying that?). I absolutely agree that bashing the candidate doesn't accomplish anything. However, the previous comments have solely been hate! Mainly directed at the current president. So with Mr. Marcus Brody's well laid out guidelines, I begin with this:

Healthcare - Universal healthcare, sounds nice, Canada must be brilliant, yet it's not all glamour like it sounds. With cheaper cost, you get lesser quality. Yes, everyone gets treated, but everyone has to sit for hours to get a runny nose looked at or a bullethole in the head sewed up. I'm not saying our healthcare system is good, it sucks, but just providing universal healthcare and jacking up the taxes to pay for it isn't going to work... the current system we have works, but its corrupted. The purpose of government (and this will be a recurring theme in my arguments) is to provide oversight and regulation to private enterprise. Capitalist societies unfortunately do not work well in the welfare system without some prodding. Therefore, you have to hold these freakin' HMOs in check with some stiff-ass regulations. Think of it as imposing a salary cap for you sports fans. If teams/companies work things right, they can flourish under the caps, and all those Yankees/Columbia/HCA's will squeeze down.

Now I don't claim to be an expert on healthcare issues, but this is my general take on the topic, so feel free to point out holes and weaknesses, but only if you provide a viable alternative.

There you go.
"That's my opinion, but I could be wrong."

adrian on Friday, August 27, 2004 at 5:07 AM

Brock, when I said would Phil or Jay to start a new post, I meant to for them to start a new section to post in because they are the only nattysci member who can create a new thread you fucking cock sucking whore.

And I'm outty

Wrecking Crew on Friday, August 27, 2004 at 5:07 AM

I agree with adrian. You are all long winded dumbfucks who have way too much time on your hands. So anything going on this weekend? Do I get to make another trip to the ER?

Bigworm on Friday, August 27, 2004 at 7:54 AM

Abby is wanting to go the fair today so I am sure I will be there for sometime (for some reason she loves fair food). Anything going on after that I am game.

Here is a good political joke someone sent me today.

A woman in a hot air balloon realized she was lost. She lowered her altitude and spotted a man in a boat below. She shouted to him, "Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don't know where I am."

The man consulted his portable GPS and replied, "You're in a hot air balloon, approximately 30 feet above a ground elevation of 2346 feet above sea level. You are at 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude.

She rolled her eyes and said, "You must be a Republican."
"I am," replied the man. "How did you know?" "Well," answered the balloonist, "everything you told me is technically correct, but I have no idea what to do with your information, and I'm still lost.

Frankly, you've not been much help to me."

The man smiled and responded,! "You must be a democrat." "I am," replied the balloonist. "How did you know?" "Well," said the man, "you don't know where you are or where you're going. You've risen to where you are, due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise that you have no idea how to keep, and you expect me to solve your

You're in exactly the same position you were in before we
met but, somehow, now it's my fault."

Green Baron on Friday, August 27, 2004 at 8:21 AM

Yes, I'm attacking the president. It's hate. Sorry, but I think I hate someone for dragging us into a war we didn't need, want, or should have gone into. In addition, nearly 1000 of our soldier's lives are dead, and has he done anything at all what he promised when going in there? No.
Yah, I hate Bush. Maybe you don't like people hating him, but it's a fact that what he's done is turn the world against us, and for good reason. Perhaps it's a fact you choose not to accept.
But at least I limit my personal attacks to the man responsible, and not to the individual who's upset about it.

Brock on Friday, August 27, 2004 at 8:32 AM

Adrian, you ass-grabbing transsexual, I meant for you to change the subject!

Burket, no one is as long-winded as you when it comes to the Red Sox, gays, and fat people. Of course we have too much time on our hands, thats what a salary is for!

Bigworm on Friday, August 27, 2004 at 1:02 PM

Phil - here is an idea...Let's purchase Kobrakai.com and pay homage to the greatest bad guys in any movie.

Bigworm on Friday, August 27, 2004 at 1:07 PM

I'd do the same thing if it were Daisy.


Marc on Friday, August 27, 2004 at 1:35 PM

wow, that's some fucked up shit right there. i'll bet wes really would have done the same thing to save his dog. but he would have kept the gators eye and ate it.

Brock on Friday, August 27, 2004 at 1:46 PM

Thats just freakin' sweet! I'll take your fuckin' eye gator!

Jay on Friday, August 27, 2004 at 3:58 PM

Hero (Jet Li, not Dustin Hoffman) is the most amazing movie ever. The cinematography and directing were outstanding. It is a very deep movie. It doesn't go very fast, but its depth more than makes up for it. There are quite a few action sequences, however they are all fairly short. They are not even the main focus of the movie. If you want to think and feel, you'll love it. Adrian, you would probably just call it gay.

Jay on Saturday, August 28, 2004 at 7:53 AM

Proof that we are not the biggest assholes in the world.


KellyHarrison on Saturday, August 28, 2004 at 10:37 AM

i'm going to have to agree with the green baron on the comment about the president. 100% if my friend over there dies, i hold him responsible! haven't seen her for four or five years and then he goes and pulls the war thing.

Phil on Monday, August 30, 2004 at 9:48 AM

i have a cubicle now. i'm an important person.

Phil on Monday, August 30, 2004 at 10:57 AM

with every QB on the buffalo bills hurt besides bledsoe, my dreams of a chris redman comeback with the bills has been put into motion.

Chris Redman, tell me about your plans for an undefeated season.

adrian on Monday, August 30, 2004 at 11:52 AM

.Net is for fags

adrian on Monday, August 30, 2004 at 12:11 PM

mowgli on Monday, August 30, 2004 at 12:32 PM

you all going to flannigans tonight?

Brock on Monday, August 30, 2004 at 12:35 PM

Just a suggestion, since I'm a bored loser who has nothing better to do: Phil, can you make an idependent frame for the crap on the left, like the links. When these posts get near 200 comments, its a nice little scroll back to the top. Nothing major, just one of those little "easier life" things.

Marc on Monday, August 30, 2004 at 12:42 PM

lynnie, i'll be at trivia tonight. and o'charlies tomorrow night so you know and i don't have to call you in case i go, I'm going. so go. (yes, it does make since. and lynnie and at least jay should know what i'm talking about.)

Marc on Monday, August 30, 2004 at 3:12 PM


NOTE: If you want to share these videos with your close friends please feel free to do so. even download them to your computer if you wish. just please don't post to larger well-established sites that might cause too much traffic (ie: fark, ebaumsworld, milkandcookies) because I don't want to take the chance of anything bad happening. Also there can be possible copyright issues even though these are broadcasted free on the airwaves. thanks

(1) High Tech: Custom-made headphone plugs to fit perfectly in your ears.

(2) News Alert: According to this report, hurricanes cause babies. I guess they're more than just trailers and cows flying around in the air.

(3) Bible study at Hooters.

(4) A job for Philco: The Geek Squad. They'll solve your computer problems for you in a snap. They have more time because they don't have girlfriends, but you'll have to wait until they're done playing EverQuest, D&D, or Yu Gi Oh!

(5) X-Games: Crash, Spills and Falls. Oh My!

(6) Unnecessary Censorhip at it's finest.

(7) A collection of funny bits: McGreevy speech reaction, Fake AVP trailer, weird guy on Price Is Right. etc


Jay on Tuesday, August 31, 2004 at 6:12 AM

Marc-Just because I know what you're talking about, doesn't mean it makes sense.

Raul Duke on Tuesday, August 31, 2004 at 9:51 AM

Any of you computer folks know of a MySQL/Apache/PHP developer or better yet company looking for work?

adrian on Tuesday, August 31, 2004 at 11:34 AM

I am a mysql/ php developer

Raul Duke on Tuesday, August 31, 2004 at 12:23 PM

You looking for a job too? It's here it town.

stew on Tuesday, August 31, 2004 at 12:50 PM

GO CARDS!!!!!!

Church on Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 5:22 AM

I agree with Stewie. Go Cards and hopefully this will be the second straight year of a pigskin-B-Ball sweep

Bigworm on Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 5:40 AM


Bigworm on Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 8:42 AM

Anything happening this evening?

Jay on Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 9:58 AM

Not only do I have the Hobans' younger sister in my physics class, I think Kellie's younger sister is in my chemistry class. Weird!

Raul Duke on Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 10:10 AM

Deion Sanders is going back to the Ravens. The Yankee's get schellacked by the Indians 22-0 last night. Next thing you know the Bengals will be in the Superbowl coached by John Madden with Terry Bradshaw at QB.

Marc on Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 10:22 AM

jay, kellies sister goes to different college. so you're safe.

Phil on Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 11:01 AM

Did anyone hear about this? I haven't been following the news that much with the new job and all, but this is the most fucked up thing I've seen in a while: http://www.accessnorthga.com/news/a...ry.asp?ID=44928

Brock on Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 11:06 AM

Is that guy related to the Trinity Brohms?

Brock on Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 11:09 AM

My boss said he saw an article about this yesterday. Apparently the police found the guy sleeping it off in bed completely covered in blood. Now that's pretty hammered if you don't notice your buddy's severed corpse spewing blood all over you.

Jay on Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 11:17 AM

She said she is in no way related to Kelly. Although her name is Kristen. And what do you mean I'm safe. Would having Kellie's sister be a bad thing.

Wrecking Crew on Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 1:12 PM

I even heard about the story on Bob and Tom. I think the guy went to St Bernard, and I'm pretty sure the other Brohms are from tehre too. Of course I could just be makuing shit up too.

Anyone up for Hooter's tonight, give me a call.

Jay on Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 1:57 PM

All you can eat wings are a really bad idea. I'm up for it.

Jay on Thursday, September 02, 2004 at 11:16 AM

Where the hell is everyone today? Did you all die?

adrian on Thursday, September 02, 2004 at 12:57 PM

Big Jay, are you going up to trivia tonight?

Brock on Thursday, September 02, 2004 at 1:16 PM

The never-ending struggle between Trivia and Wings.

Bigworm on Thursday, September 02, 2004 at 1:32 PM

I might even be there....do you guys know i actually made it to work last friday after that trivia night. I fucking rock.

Church on Thursday, September 02, 2004 at 1:43 PM

If you all go to trivia give me a call, one more class to teach. Nothing is as fun as giving the same lecture eight times a week

Phil on Thursday, September 02, 2004 at 2:13 PM

there is no trivia tonight. they are putting it on hold for a couple of weeks in hopes of advertising it better.

i might be up for heading up there and getting some food or something around seven though, so give me a call.

stew on Thursday, September 02, 2004 at 5:20 PM

Is anyone doing anything tomorrow? I have been living under a fucking rock for like 3 weeks now and have an intense case of cabin fever. Plus I'm having a hard time waiting for Sunday. NCAA 2005 only partially satisfies my craving for college football. Time for me to watch the RNC or more likely, "The Girl Next Door"...Elisha Cuthbert...MMMM!

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